Spring Wildflower Hikes

in Ohio Parks and Natural Areas

Wildflowers abound in Spring

Spring is a fine time to get out side, stretch, and soak in the vibrant beauty of Nature. Particularly of interest to some are the colorful but short-lived spring wildflowers. These flowers come out before the trees spread their leaves and block out the sun falling on the forest floor. Late March through mid-May is the best time to see these flowers. Check out these trails to see the best wildflowers.

Some Great Wildflower Trails

Johnson Woods Boardwalk Trail
This trail is a baordwalk that winds through an old growth forest. The forest floor is home to over 65 different species of wildflowers. Expect to see large white-flowered trillium, a number of violets, bloodroot, hepatica, spring beauties and many, many more wildflowers.

Scenic River Trail
This trail, which runs next to the Scenic Olentangy River, will allow you to see bluebells, squirrel corn, cleavers, false mermaid, as well as great views of the river.

Boston Run Trail
This trail traverses a forested portion of the Boston Run drainage in Cuyahoge Valley National Park, criss-crossing the valley and going from upland to bottomland and back. This gives the opportunity to see plants of different habitats. In the wetter areas, you amy see the bright yellow marsh marigold, or the brown and green flowers of skunk cabbage. In the uplands and on the slopes, trillium, trout lily, violets and jack-in-the-pulpit can be found.