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About is a web site dedicated to inspiring curiosity about Nature, provoking people to get more exercise by using hiking trails in parks, and stimulating discussion about human-kind's place in Nature. We do this by providing ecology-based descriptions of hiking trails in parks, links to existing resources about nature information, and providing an opportunity to interact with naturalists and other nature loving folks.

Our team of professional naturalists have worked for state, local and federal park systems, as well as local and nation-wide non-profit conservation groups, protecting, studying, and explaining nature for decades. We believe nature information should be freely available to you at any hour, without charge. So, we created this free web site.

We do not require any kind of registration in order to view our complete inventory of trail and nature information. Our bills are not paid by our visitors, but rather by our advertisers, which are carefully selected to ensure that even our advertisements add value to your experience of our "new kind of naturalist":

About the Logo

The logo consists of four parts, plus the name.  First is the blue sphere second is the green leaves, third is the water-ripple under the sphere, and fourth is the reflection beneath the ripple. Logo

The blue sphere represents Earth, water, clean air, natural cycles, and the connection of all Nature in a never ending circle.

The green leaves, in addition to their obvious appearance, can be looked at as an unfolding of life, as they have the appearance of the cotyledons of a newly sprouted seed.  They also give the illusion of motion as they flow round the blue sphere. This represents movement along a trail or path. The fact that there are three leaves arranged in a circle is also a nod to the conventional symbol for ecology or recycling with its three arrows indicating a cycle.

The ripple is an indication that our entire human and natural existence relies upon water. The health of our blue sphere and green leaves relies on and sits upon our clean water.

The reflection represents repetitive patterns in Nature, cycles of Nature, and duality.  it is also just another shape of a leaf.  The whole blue sphere of life reflected in a leaf.

The blue and green color scheme simply represents land, air and water.  Together, all of these factors add up to an interconnected reality based on natural cycles and complex interrelationships among all aspects of the earth.  You are one of those aspects!  Now, get outside and live a natural life!

Meet our Naturalists

Eddie Dengg, Publisher of

Eddie Dengg is the publisher of He has been a park planner, park ranger, biological field technician, botanist, and attorney. He is currently Vice President of Western Reserve Land Conservancy where he is helping to create an interconnected network of protected open space across northern Ohio.

William Hudson, Naturalist with

William Hudson is a naturalist, educator, artist, conservationist, and natural scientist with over 25 years experience. Mr. Hudson received a B.S. summa cum laude in Natural Resources from Ohio State University, an M.S. in Wildlife Management and Biology from West Virginia University, and a science teacher's certification from Notre Dame College. He has extensive experience and interest in ecological assessment and natural areas management, including rare and endangered species habitat management. He is a master naturalist, as well as an educator and a leader in conservation. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Buffalo Audubon Society in New York.

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