Quarry Rock Picnic Area Trails

Cleveland Metroparks
South Chagrin Reservation


Bentleyville, Ohio (Cuyahoga County)
Park at Quarry Rock Picnic Area on Solon Road. The parking lot is just north of Liberty Road, and just south of Chagrin River Road, on the west side of the road.


Length: 1 mile.
Duration: 3 hours.
Surface: Gravel/natural.
Type: Loop.
Difficulty: easy
Accessibility: no

Stone Stairs leading to the top of Quarry Rock Picnic area in Cleveland Metroparks South Chagrin Reservation, Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Northeast Ohio)
Stone Stairs


Quarry Rock Picnic Area sits on the site of an old quarry. The driveway in to the parking lot from Solon Road fololows the historical alignment of a railroad spur which once serviced the quarry. Near the parking lot are several picnic tables and grills. The Chagrin River flows just below and is visible from several overlooks near the parking lot.

Two short trails lead away from the parking lot. The first heads up rustic cut stone stairs to the north. Ascending these stairs, you will find yourself at an overlook with a view of the river below. The view is best in winter when the vegetation does not block the view. Just beyond this overlook the trail splits into a loop. The left hand fork runs nearer the edge of the cliffs above the Chagrin River and offers the best views. Most of the large trees are oaks, with a number of hemlocks providing their filtered, otherworldly shade as well. Canadian Mayflower and other wildflowers dot the forest floor in this surreal light. The trail eventually loops back to the right, taqking you further from the bluffs overlooking the river. In this area, the flat upland forest provides a perfect habitat for a broad variety of wildlife.

Hemlock Forest above Quarry Rock Picnic Area in Cleveland metroparks South Chagrin Reservation in Benleyville, Cuayhoga  County Ohio (northeast Ohio)
Hemlock Forest

West of the Quarry Rock parking lot is a trail that heads downslope to the Chagrin River. You can either walk right down to the water, which will put you in the river just a short wade from Squaw rock, or stay on the trail which runs along the base of the cliffs above the river. As you hike along the trail, you will see the straight vertical scars on the rock where blast holes were bored in order to shear the rock off so it could be hauled off for use in construction. Down along the river you can see piles of waste stone material left over from the quarrying.

Along this trail, the hemlocks above provide a green mist of shade, while the river below provides a soothing melody, a leit-motif for your hike. These two trails are an easy stroll, but the lower trail, just above the river will require sure footing. Although these are short trails, we have suggested 3 hours to allow you a leisurely walk in this serene setting, as well as time for a relaxing picnic above the beautiful Chagrin River.

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