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Portage Park District

Portage Parks serves Portage County in Northeast Ohio. Situated between Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown Ohio, Portage County is experiencing urban sprawl, which threatens the biological diversity, rural character and scenic beauty of the area. The Portage Park District, in light of the rapid development, seeks to conserve the county's natural and cultural heritage.

Conserving high-quality natural areas in the county on a limited budget, Portage Parks has done a phenomenal job of putting together ten park, preserve, and regional trails within Portage County. If you are interested in exploring some of the best that Northeast Ohio has to offer, Portage Parks is your natural choice. The following park links will take you to the Portage Park District's web pages about each of their individual parks.

Towner's Woods. This natural park in Franklin Township is home to a 2,000 year old Indian mound, numerous trails, and an access to the Portage Hike and Bike Trail.

Dix Park. Dix Park is approximately 100 acres in Ravenna on Route 44. It contains trails that allow the hiker to enjoy forests, as well as about 25 acres of active farmland.

The PORTAGE Hike & Bike Trail. This fine trail links Kent and Ravenna, and will eventually connect to the Summit County Bike and Hike Trail. Check out the review of the The Portage Hike & Bike Trail.

Headwaters Trail. This multi-use trail runs between Mantua and Garrettsville in Portage County.

Breakneck Preserve. This preserve contains high-quality examples of stream, floodplain, and wetland habitat in Ravenna Township

Chagrin Headwaters. This 95-acre preserve is located at the very beginning of the Aurora Branch of the Chagrin River and contains wetlands, streams, and beautiful hardwood forests.

Walter Preserve. This former farm contains forest, wetland, and stream habitats, as well as old agricultural fields.

Camp Spelman. This property contains wetlands, forests, and a large lake. It is open by permit only.

Gray Birch Bog. This special preserve is open for tours on a limited basis. Containing a sphagnum bog and rare plants, it is a treat worth exploring.

Seneca Ponds Park. Located in Streetsboro, this Portage Park District Park contains 2 trails and a parking lot, which allow access to the high-quality wetlands and forests of the park. For more information about the Portage Park District and its programs, please visit their web site at's feed chicklet's email chicklet's e-newsletter chicklet
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