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Geauga Park District

Formed in 1961 to protect the natural resources of Geauga County, Geauga Park District's mission is to preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County and to provide the opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate these resources.

Some of the parks they manage in accordance with this mission are listed below, along with links to the Geauga Park District's official web site.

Bass Lake Preserve
Located in Munson Township in Geauga County, this 600-acre preserve is open daily for boating and fishing. The preserve, which was protected through a partnership between the Geauga Park District, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, and the Trust for Public Land, includes a 160-acre glacial lake, numerous wetlands, and a stream that is home to one of the last native brook trout populations in Ohio. Bald Eagles are regularly seen here, as is the occasional black bear. The preserve does not have trails at this time.

Beartown Lakes Reservation
This Geauga County Park is located in Auburn and Bainbridge Townships. Visitors to this northeast Ohio park will enjoy hiking on the three established trails, waterfowl identification, and exploring the red maple forest, wetland and riparian habitat of the park.

Big Creek Park
This Geauga County park is located in beautiful Chardon Ohio and encompasses over 600 acres of wooded land along Big Creek, a tributary to the Grand River. Beech Maple forests with abundant spring wildflowers are laced with well-maintained trails that allow park visitors to feel that they are far away from civilization and in the peaceful cradle of Nature's grace. We have reviewed two of the very best trails at this park on our web site at These trails are the Beechwoods Trail and the Hemlock Trail

The West Woods
Located in Russell and Newbury, The West Woods is a wonderful large park to explore. With mature forests, rock formations, beautiful streams, and seven miles of first class trails, park visitors can enjoy a full day here with the family. The park's visitor center is an architectural gem as well.

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve
Preserving 100 acres of wildlife habitat in Munson Township, this Geauga County park is A patchwork of managed habitats that allows the park visitor the opportunity to observe perhaps 100 bird species, wetland habitats, tall-grass prairie, and dozens of other natural features. Fishing is permitted as well.

Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve
This preserve is located in rural Burton Ohio. Covering nearly 300 acres, the preserve is home to rare species of plants and animals, including tamarack trees, leatherleaf, four-toed salamanders, spotted turtles, and much more. Two trails allow the park visitor to see some of the wonderful resources of this special place without causing undue damage to the sensitive natural resources of the preserve.

Headwaters Park
This 1,000 acre park is located in Claridon and Huntsburg Townships of Geauga County. Three miles of trails provide ample opportunity to observe wildlife such as fox, mink, deer, and numerous songbirds and waterfowl.

Bessy Benner Metzenbaum Park
This small park in Chester Township is mostly covered with beech maple forest. A mile of trail provides access to the beautiful forests, as well as rock outcroppings that provide a spectacular view of the forests around the park.

Eldon Russell Park
This Troy Township park sits along the Cuyahoga River in Geauga County, Ohio. The park is situated in a region of glacial kettle-holes and kames. These interesting features, formed during the last glacial periods 12,000 years ago, provide habitat for a number of rare and special species.

Swine Creek Reservation
Located in the heart of Geauga County's Amish Country, this 400-acre park preserves an important ecologically sensitive area along Swine Creek, a tributary of the Scenic and Wild Grand River. Six miles of trails provide access to the wetlands, meadows, and forests of this beautiful northeast Ohio park.

The Rookery
This large Geauga County park is mainly wetland. A well-maintained multipurpose trail here runs on the path of an old interurban railway, and provides great views of the wetlands on both sides of the trail. A large colony of Great blue Herons makes a home in an area of the park, but is not accessible to the general public, except for on certain planned occasions.

Whitlam Woods
Located in Hambden Township in Geauga County, Ohio, this small park has hemlock forests, deciduous forests, and about 1.5 miles of trails winding through these habitats.

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